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In several of his video works, rettnoise explores different urban spaces which he processes following the rules of the digital. This way, these urban spaces become visual pieces of information, codes of the virtual field, as if they would pass through a genetic modification. These codes are the vocabulary of rules giving structure to the composition. He performs the video material as a living surface, exploring textures and forms in the video signal, reaching an expressive abstraction which amplifies due to noisy sound. That noise of the audio distortions which pursues the images creates in the end pressure and thrill which float at the limit between the real and unreal.
Levente Kozma, director simultan festival,

In the creations of Rettnoise I can discover a blessed discomfort, strepitous and forcefully narcotic and very suitable as a counterbalance to the lethargy more and more pervading our daily lives. A necessary filter for montony.
José Ramón González Saiz, director optica festival,

Thurgauer Newspaper February 15th 2007
About phoning Indonesians
Rettnoise at the Gallery Rebhüüsli Kreuzlingen - Switzerland
by Jutta Cappel

«Thrilling despite distracting»
Aggressive sounds matter a great deal to the artist...

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Rems Murr Culture July 20th 2006
The New Pictures
about Rettnoise - Harald Rettich as avantgart noise & visuals artist
by Jörg Nolle

...he has success in a scene which made the step into virtuality,
the unification of picture and sound on a videoscreen...
His results don't have to please at first sight, they are
attacks in a controlled environment...

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Schorndorfer Newspaper March 1st 2005
Sign And Colors For The Funk
Rettnoise - Harald Rettich as - VJ - visual jockey
by Michael Riediger

on Rettnoises' visuals at the Club Tearoom Stuttgart
with Axel Hanfreich (electronic music).
...his visuals shall create an emotional atmosphere like the music.
His visuals are an adequate interpretation and medium to the prolific laptop music.
It's aesthetic possibilities are to be explored.And he himself is right up front.

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